Using Invisalign to Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly

We all remember kids wearing highly visible ‘train track’ style braces at school, and while those braces are effective, who wants to wear them as an adult? Luckily, dental technology has evolved considerably over the past few years, and here at West Bowmanville Family Dental, we offer one of the most trusted brands of clear braces. You might have already heard of it as it is called Invisalign and is popular worldwide.

What is Invisalign?

Instead of complicated metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses strong, thin, clear plastic aligners, custom-made to fit tightly yet comfortably over your teeth. Once they are in place, they are quite tricky to see, and most people won’t even notice them. Because the aligners are removable, treatment is super convenient.

No Need to Change Your Oral Care Routine or Your Diet

You don’t need to spend ages cleaning around fiddly brackets, and you don’t need to worry that your braces could break if you eat something sticky, hard or crunchy. Instead, you can continue with your everyday routine without the need to change your diet or your oral care habits. Each time you want to eat, just remove the aligners and enjoy your meal. Clean your aligner trays and brush your teeth before replacing your aligners. Because the aligners are removable, it is easy to maintain excellent oral health during your treatment. Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks before being discarded as you move on to using the next set. This continues until treatment is complete.

Can Anyone Have Invisalign?

Invisalign is suitable for correcting most orthodontic problems, even quite complex cases. It is ideal for adults who didn’t have the chance to have orthodontic treatment in Newcastle as children, or who have worn braces previously but have subsequently seen their teeth move position. One of the most important things with Invisalign is good compliance. The aligners must be worn for 22 hours each day, ideally only removed whenever you want to eat or clean your teeth. It is crucial to remember to wear them. Invisalign is a system that is most often used for adult orthodontics, but it could be suitable for some older teens. The easiest way to find out if it could help you is to book your consultation!

Planning Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign

One of the nice things about having Invisalign in Clarington is the way it is planned, using computer software that provides 3-D simulations showing how your teeth will move. We use an advanced 3-D digital dental impression scanner that is radiation-free, and which scans your teeth. It provides highly accurate 3-D images of your teeth that are used to plan Invisalign treatment. With this information, our dentist can plan your treatment precisely, and best of all, you can see these images, which is an exciting way to visualize your new smile before treatment begins. You can see exactly how Invisalign will help you, and of course, it enables you to have a say in how your smile will look.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Most people will take approximately a year to complete Invisalign treatment in Courtice, but this can vary tremendously as after all your mouth is unique! Some people may require longer if they have more complex orthodontic issues that require correction. Other people may finish your treatment more quickly and especially if they only have minor problems affecting the alignment of their front teeth and which are cosmetically oriented and don’t affect their bite.

Your initial consultation for Invisalign is free, and you will learn far more about treatment and how it could improve your smile.

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