The Positive Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

How many times have you heard somebody say, “I’d rather have a root canal” when discussing some particularly unpleasant experience? Unfortunately, it’s still a common perception that root canal therapy in Newcastle is something best avoided at all costs. If this is your view, we’d like to bring you up-to-date on what it really means to have a root canal treatment and to highlight the positive benefits of this procedure.

Treatment Is Virtually Painless

Far from being unpleasant, root canal therapy is virtually painless and relieves discomfort and pain. Often, people who need root canal therapy are in substantial pain thanks to having a severely infected tooth. The treatment eliminates the infection, getting rid of severe pain, ensuring the tooth feels more comfortable. We make sure your tooth is thoroughly numbed before we begin treatment, and we checked regularly to make sure you feel okay during this procedure.

Root Canal Therapy Saves Teeth

Here at West Bowmanville Family Dental, we fight hard to save patients’ natural teeth and removing a tooth is always the last resort. Root canal therapy is an excellent procedure that can save a severely infected tooth, ensuring that once the tooth is fully restored, it can continue to function just like any other tooth. With proper care, the tooth can last for years and even for a lifetime.

A Cost-Effective Treatment

Saving a tooth is far more cost-effective, and it’s quicker too. In comparison, extracting a tooth can require multiple follow-up appointments as natural teeth must be replaced as soon as possible after they are removed. Teeth can be restored with a denture, bridge or dental implant, and ultimately the cost of replacing a tooth can be higher compared with the cost of root canal therapy.

Restoring Your Smile

Once we have removed all the infection from the tooth with root canal therapy in Clarington, we can restore the tooth, usually with a beautiful dental crown. Modern dental crowns look remarkably natural and especially as we only use the highest quality materials. They feel very natural, too, ensuring you can bite and chew food comfortably and with complete confidence. Although we can replace missing teeth effectively, your natural teeth are always the best solution.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Save a Tooth?

A tooth will require root canal therapy if the inner part of the tooth called the pulp is inflamed or infected, something that can result from tooth decay, because of a chip or crack in a tooth, or when a tooth has needed repeated dental treatments. If the dental pulp is left untreated, the infection and inflammation can cause pain or even cause a dental abscess in Courtice.

When you have root canal therapy, we remove the inflamed and infected pulp, and the inner part of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, including the root canals that extend into the tooth roots. Once we are sure the entire infection is eliminated, the tooth is sealed with a material called gutta-percha. The final part of treatment is to restore the tooth, usually with a crown that covers the tooth entirely. The dental crown protects the tooth, restoring its form, function and strength.

Our dentists are very experienced in carrying out expect of root canal therapy, using magnification to ensure all the infection is thoroughly removed from the tooth. When treatment is more complex, for example, when multiple tooth roots must be cleaned, we will often use a microscope to make sure we remove all diseased pulp tissue. Afterwards, your tooth should feel much more comfortable and especially once the tooth has settled down after treatment.

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