How Could Holistic Dentistry Help You?

Here at West Bowmanville Family Dental, we prefer to take a holistic approach towards your dental care. This means we consider how the health of your mouth can impact overall health and vice versa. We aim to use equipment, techniques and materials that work harmoniously with your body, promoting better oral and general health. One major component of holistic dentistry is preventive dental care.
Preventive Dentistry
We prefer taking a preventive approach towards dentistry and encourage every patient to follow a preventive treatment plan that includes regular dental checkups and hygiene visits in Bowmanville. When you regularly see us, we can closely monitor your oral health, soon detecting any changes and providing the most suitable treatment. Preventive dentistry protects your dental and general health, saves time and is cheaper in the long run.
Biocompatible Dental Materials
We use the latest and most advanced dental materials that are biocompatible, BPA-free, and more biomimetic, meaning they closely mimic your natural tooth structure. For example, if you need a filling, we use a tooth-coloured composite resin material rather than silver amalgam fillings.
With a composite resin filling, we only need to remove the damaged portion of the tooth before placing the filling that bonds strongly to your natural tooth structure. A silver amalgam filling requires a greater amount of preparation. Amalgam tends to flex and expand and contract as it comes under pressure and in contact with hot and cold, which doesn’t happen with composite resin.
We make our crowns using a strong ceramic material called zirconium oxide and which is bio-inert. These crowns are metal-free, and are strong and durable and are ideal for anyone with metal sensitivities. Another benefit of having an all-ceramic crown in Newcastle is that these restorations look wonderful. Because they are metal-free, light can pass through the restoration similarly to a natural tooth, giving excellent aesthetics.
Same-Day Crowns
Our dental practice is equipped with an advanced milling machine, allowing us to create beautiful new crowns, veneers and inlays and onlays (ceramic dental fillings) on the same day. These are created using CADCAM technology, so they are precision made and of the highest quality. Instead of traditional tray impressions, we take a digital dental impression that is far more accurate, quicker and much more comfortable for our patients.
Removing Amalgam Fillings Safely
Many people still have amalgam fillings, and no restoration lasts forever. When the time comes, we can safely remove amalgam fillings using special techniques to minimize exposure to mercury vapour and ensure the amalgam filling is disposed of safely.
Digital Dental X-Rays
We only take dental x-rays when necessary, using the latest digital equipment that produces 90% less radiation compared with film x-rays. Digital dental x-rays are essential when diagnosing a problem or planning a treatment, such as dental implants in Clarington. The images are available within seconds and are extremely accurate.
Metal-Free Dental Implants
Usually, dental implants are made from highly biocompatible titanium, but some people may have concerns about having any form of metal in their body. An alternative is to have a ceramic dental implant that is made from zirconia, so your implant treatment in Courtice can be entirely metal-free if required.
Additional Magnification
When we treat patients, we use dental loupes to magnify the area in question, ensuring each procedure is more accurate and we can complete treatment more quickly and smoothly. The practice is also equipped with a dental operating microscope that we can use when requiring a high degree of precision. Using the microscope enables us to see the tiniest details more easily, ensuring you receive the best treatment outcome.

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