Front Teeth Dental Implants

If you are considering dental implants for missing teeth, especially in the front of your mouth then we have some information for you. Front teeth dental implants are one of the more challenging procedures because aesthetics matter highly. We want to ensure the gum line and smile line are a perfect match. Below we have provided some sample cases of work we have done in the anterior part of the mouth.

Case 1: Patient had a fractured tooth that was previously root canal treated, this case was highly aesthetic because the patient had adjacent teeth with crowns so matching the right gum line level and shade was very important.

Front teeth dental implant before and after.jpg

 Case 2: In this case, the patient had a tooth with a large filling and root canal treatment. Hard bread finally broke the tooth in two. We removed the tooth and placed a dental implant at the same time for implant before and after bowmanville.jpg

If you are missing teeth, or about to lose a tooth, do not jump to removing the tooth before you have a discussion with us about all your options. Its often much easier to replace the tooth at the same time of tooth removal. This will lead to less surgery, quicker healing period and often saves on the cost of many steps.

For your free dental implant consultation in Bowmanville, Whitby or Brooklin, contact our office today 905-697-1118 or visit our dental implant website at Durham Dental Implant Solutions.


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