Emergency toothache

If you have an emergency toothache or bad tooth, don’t wait too long to remove this bad tooth !

If the pain suddenly stops, do not wait till it flares up again because the pain will usually return and its much worse. Its best to see a dentist asap when the tooth is in the calm stage because it often make the area difficult to freeze requiring antibiotics.

If your tooth is affected by gum disease, then its very important to not delay the process as the body is trying to get rid of the infection and tooth together. The longer you wait, the longer the damage will occur to the surrounding area making replacement options such as dental implants a more complicated process.

A dental implant is a new anchor for a new tooth. If you wait too long, the area will be compromised making the replacement process more costly and time consuming.

If you have loose teeth, gum disease(sore gums, red gums that bleed, bad breath ) then please contact our office to set up a consultation visit. Emergency dental work in Bowmanville is always treated promptly by one of our dentists.

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