No two cases are exactly alike, so the number of visits, procedures required and cost can vary from person to person. After your initial appointment and assessment, One of our trained implant dentists will provide you with a treatment plan that will include the estimated cost, number of appointments and you will always be notified if there are any changes during the process.

We realize the value that dental implants present for our patients. We are proud to work with our suppliers to provide affordable dental implant solutions in Whitby, Bowmanville, Brooklin and surrounding Durham region. Our efficient system of providing care in one location means we can pass the savings on to you.

Your teeth have a strong impact on your ability to chew, smile, and self esteem. We consider dental implants as an investment in your overall health.

We understand that for some patients, there are financial barriers to treatment for dental implants.  We are proud to provide interest free payment plans.  During your consultation appointment we can discuss a suitable payment plan depending on your case

An increasing number of insurance companies have started to provide coverage for dental implant treatment. Some insurance companies provide an allowance towards dental implant treatment equivalent to the cost of a bridge or dentures. We can send an estimate to your insurance provider on your behalf during your consultation visit.

Our team of dental implant experts will provide you with a treatment plan including the cost and time required to complete your case. The time will depend on several factors including medical history, dental history, condition of jawbone and whether bone grafting is required in your case. A case can range from as little as three months to a year in span depending on what is required.

In between your visits, we will ensure you are comfortable and most importantly we want to ensure a long term success for your case without rushing the process.

Dental implants are one of the most effective and safe procedures used in dentistry. Complications can arise if patients are smokers or have certain medical conditions. Some risks include: infection which can generally be dealt with using medication, damage to other teeth, sinus problems, nerve damage resulting in pain, numbness, tingling, inadequate jawbone and in rare cases implant failure. Our team of dentists will discuss with you all risks prior to your procedure.

The majority of patients are able to have the dental implant procedure with local anesthetic (freezing) only and are able to function the next day. For patients wishing to be sedated we do offer sedation options ranging from laughing gas (nitrous oxide), sleeping pills(oral sedatives) to full sleep sedation as provided by our local dental anesthesiologist Dr. Jon Lok.

All work provided is performed start to finish at one of our facilities in the Durham region. You will not need to see many different dentists and travel to have your treatment.

Please contact our office by email: info@westbowmanvilledental.com or phone (905-697-1118) for your free dental implant consultation.


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