Dental Anxiety and How to Overcome It

If you feel anxious or nervous when seeing a dentist in Bowmanville, don’t worry as you are not alone. Many people feel at least slightly apprehensive when seeing a dentist, even when these concerns are unfounded. Some patients fear the thought of injections or cringe at the sound of a dental drill. Others find even the smell of a dental clinic is enough to promote these feelings. Some people may fear going to the dentist because they are embarrassed about their teeth.
When you see us at West Bowmanville Family Dental, you can rest assured we do everything possible to make patients feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. Our friendly staff treats everyone with respect and compassion. We know some people find it difficult to see a dentist and certainly never judge if it has been a while since your last dental appointment. However, if you have dental fears or anxiety, we encourage you to let us help you overcome these feelings.
Regular dental care is extremely important and helps prevent many common dental diseases, including tooth decay and gum disease. Equally importantly, when you look after your mouth, it helps to protect your general health. Clinical studies over the past few years have made it increasingly clear that the two are intimately connected.
Let Us Know How You Feel so We Can Help You
When you first contact our dental practice, please talk to our friendly reception team about your fears so we can help you more effectively. Our dental practice has a lot of experience helping people who initially feel nervous when seeing a dentist in Newcastle.
We can do a lot to ensure every visit to our dental practice is more comfortable and less scary. When you first come to see us, we can put aside some time to discuss your feelings and work out how best to approach your treatment. Also, please remember your first visit is merely a dental checkup when we look inside your mouth, and unless you are in pain, we won’t provide any treatment during that appointment.
Sometimes overcoming dental anxiety may be as simple as ensuring you are always in control, so that you can stop treatment at any time with a simple hand signal. Other times, we may need to take a different approach, such as using sedation dentistry in Clarington.
What is Sedation Dentistry?
Using sedatives can help nervous patients receive treatment more easily. With sedation dentistry, patients feel much more relaxed during their treatment, and the level of sedation is customized for each person. If you feel extremely nervous, we can provide a deep level of sedation where you feel so relaxed you even fall asleep, and afterwards, you might not remember very much about the appointment. It is an approach that can be very useful if you need more complex or lengthier treatment to restore oral health. With a deeper level of sedation, we can often complete more treatment during a single appointment. If you are mildly anxious, we can provide a sedative that helps you feel calmer and wears off quickly after treatment.
Overcoming Dental Fears in the Longer Term
When you visit our dental practice, everyone here will take the time to get to know you, gradually building a professional relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Once you have good oral health, it is relatively easy to maintain it, so you won’t need to fear dental visits in the future. When you look after your mouth, ongoing maintenance is often a matter of a simple dental examination and professional cleaning at six-monthly intervals. If you need any treatment, it will most likely be minor because we can detect it that much earlier.

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