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FAQ | Cosmetic & Implants

What is involved in a smile makeover?

A smile makeover can be as simple as replacement of defective restorations(fillings) and whitening of teeth if desired to more complex procedures involving replacement of missing teeth with permanent options such as dental implants, crowns, bridges and veneers. There is no single solution as each case is unique and is patient specific. We recommend a consultation with one of our Bowmanville dentists to better discuss your case.

I keep using denture adhesives but my denture wont stay in. What are my options?

This is a very common complaint especially with denture adhesives. The tongue and strong muscles in your mouth can make a denture move leading to embarrassing situations. We can use dental implants to retain or clip your denture in place in as little as 2-3 hours.

Will I need to have one implant placed for each tooth that is missing?

No. In fact it is possible to replace all of the lower teeth with a removable or permanently retained over denture that is supported by only 4 implants. On the other hand, sometimes it might work to your advantage to replace your back teeth with a single implant for each tooth since back teeth are used for a lot of chewing.

I have a very strong gag reflex with my denture and I can’t seem to keep it in place. What are my options?

Upper dentures cover the entire roof of the mouth and have a suction cup effect. This unfortunately causes a gag reflex and inability to taste or feel temperatures of food. We can often remove the covering on the roof of the mouth so that your denture is more open using dental implants. You will be able to chew solid foods and taste much better. Lower dentures have a problem of often being unstable. As little as two implants can provide enough support so you no longer have to use denture adhesives.

Am I healthy enough for a dental implant procedure?

Dental implant procedures are becoming more routine, and we often compare the process as being easier than a tooth removal. The best way to know if you are healthy enough for a dental implant is to have a free consultation with one of our dentists to go over your medical history together.

There are few medical conditions that can impact the success of implant treatment, such as uncontrolled diabetes.

Quality and quantity of available bone for implant placement is more often a factor than medical conditions. However, even people who have lost significant amount of bone can obtain implant treatment with additional procedures to add or create new bone.

Is there an age restriction to having a dental implant procedure?

Your overall health and your desire to improve the quality of life are much more important things to look at, than your age. We currently have patients from 20 years old to 70+ years old that have had dental implants placed in the office. In fact, as we age it is much more of a benefit to keep you jaw bone stimulated with dental implants as compared to dentures, which allows bone to shrink over time.

I heard about dental implant rejections, is that possible?

There are many reasons as to why a dental implant may fail to bond to your bone. As the implant heals, a unique process happens where new bone grows against the implant allowing it to become firm. When an implant is rejected, new bone does not grow against the implant. Although this unfortunate effect is uncommon, we ensure that you are healthy enough, and have enough bone for a successful implant procedure with a proper examination prior to any surgery. Dental implants require follow up care just like any other tooth in your mouth to ensure long term success.

How long do implants last for?

Dental implants can last a lifetime. The most important factor is routine check ups and cleaning appointments to ensure proper care for your implants and teeth. Other important factors include proper nutrition at home, ensuring to not smoke and maintaining a general healthy lifestyle.

For comparison, dentures, last about 5 years, and bridges last about 7-10 years. This means that we can expect to replace a set of dentures or a bridge several times. This is why we look at dental implants as an investment as they have a longer history of success.

What is the care like for dental implants?

Dental implants should be taken care of like regular teeth. Although dental implants are not susceptible to cavities, the same bacteria that cause gum disease and bone loss can have an effect on dental implants. Regular check-ups and cleanings are important to maintain the health of the dental implants.

I heard that dental implant placement is painful, is that true?

Most of our patients report that they feel very little if any pain during the procedure. In fact, many patients do not have to use any pain pills. If needed, we will prescribe pain medication to alleviate discomfort that can arise in the first few days. A typical dental implant procedure is under an hour in length.

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