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How to Get a Beautiful White Smile

When you grin at yourself in the mirror, do your teeth look dull or discoloured, and not at all as you’d like? Your lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking coffee and tea, or liking highly coloured foods can all stain your teeth. Also, tooth discolouration is a natural part of ageing, which is why a beautifully white smile is so strongly associated with youthfulness. If this is all sounding a little too familiar, we have an excellent and very safe and effective solution here at West Bowmanville Family Dental, and that is to have a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Why Choose a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?
Hopefully, you value your natural teeth and want to keep them looking and feeling strong and healthy for as long as possible. You can purchase over-the-counter or other whitening treatments, but please remember this is a dental procedure and unless conducted correctly, has the power to damage your teeth and gums, and it could be uncomfortable or even painful. Other times, whitening products might not be strong enough to make any significant difference to the overall colour of your teeth. There is also the risk of ending up with an unevenly whitened and blotchy looking smile because some of your teeth might fail to whiten properly.

Having your teeth professionally whitened in Newcastle ensures this treatment is safe and will not harm your dental health. Also, you will achieve the very best treatment outcome, resulting in an evenly brightened and beautifully natural-looking white smile.

Enjoy a Whiter and Health Smile
When you initially see our dentist in Clarington to discuss teeth whitening options, we will need to check the condition of your teeth and gums, to ensure a professional teeth whitening treatment is appropriate. Any cavities or signs of gum disease will need treatment to reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity during your tooth whitening. Also, we will check to see if you have any internally stained teeth which are unlikely to respond to tooth whitening, as well as any dental restorations such as veneers or crowns because these won’t change colour during treatment. If you do have dental restorations that currently blend in with your existing tooth colour, these might need replacing afterwards to ensure you have a uniformly white smile. One nice thing about replacing older restorations is that today’s modern dental porcelains look amazing!

Two Easy Ways to Whiten
There are two excellent ways to whiten your teeth. The quickest is to have a professional teeth whitening treatment in our comfortable dental office. We use Zoom whitening in Courtice because it is one of the most effective and safe professional whitening systems available worldwide. The whitening gel is activated with a special light, and you will see your teeth brighten by six or more shades in just an hour. The effects are often enhanced as your teeth settle down a few days after treatment. A 5-minute fluoride treatment completes the procedure, helping to protect and harden your teeth.

Otherwise, you can whiten at home with a custom home-whitening kit. Your kit includes custom whitening trays made to fit precisely over your teeth, preventing any whitening gel from leaking out. You just need to wear the whitening trays for a few hours each day, or overnight. It takes a couple of weeks to achieve the full results, but it is a very gentle way to whiten and of course, provided your teeth don’t change position or shape, you’ll have the trays to re-use when you wish to top up the results.

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