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Let Us Help Your Child Grow Up with a Healthy Grin

As a family-oriented dental practice, we welcome patients of all ages but we all really enjoy seeing kids. It is especially gratifying when we are able to watch children grow up with healthy, cavity-free smiles and with absolutely no fear of dental visits.

If you have a little one, we recommend you bring them to see us at age three. Our dental team will go out of their way to ensure your child has an enjoyable visit and we will make them feel as comfortable and as relaxed as we can. Everyone here is very gentle and we are extremely experienced in treating little patients. It is important to us that they have a positive experience, without fear and anxiety.

Why is Early Dental Care So Important?
When a child receives regular professional dental care from a very early age, it greatly reduces the risk of common childhood problems such as tooth decay. Every child is assessed for their risk of tooth decay so that we can tailor our treatment appropriately, providing a customized treatment plan detailing how frequently your child should see our Newcastle dentist for checkups and cleanings.

Preventative Dental Care Treatments
Preventative dental care also includes treatments that can help young teeth to remain strong and cavity-free and which include fluoride treatments and dental sealants in Courtice. Fluoride can be topically applied to a young child’s teeth, helping to harden and protect their tooth enamel. Dental sealants are frequently applied to the chewing surfaces of a child’s newly erupted adult back teeth, so these teeth are easier to keep clean and free from cavities.

Receive Lots of Useful Information on How to Look after Your Kid’s Teeth
We can provide lots of useful information and practical advice on how to care for your kid’s teeth at home. This includes practical demonstrations on how to brush their teeth, using techniques to help minimize stress to you both. We can also show you how to floss their teeth, once they begin to contact each other. Our dental team can closely monitor your child’s dental health so that if we do see any small problems developing, we can treat them at an earlier stage. By taking a preventative approach to dental care, we hope to reduce the risk of your child experiencing any dental pain and discomfort due to untreated tooth decay or infections.

Reducing the Risk of Dental Fear and Phobias
Early dental care greatly reduces the risk of a child growing up with dental fears and phobias which can arise when their first experience of professional dental care is when they are in pain. Unfortunately, these early memories can remain for life, leading to deep-seated dental phobias and a fear of seeing the dentist. People who struggle with deep-seated fears will often suffer from poor dental health because of their reluctance to see a dentist in Clarington unless absolutely necessary.

What If My Child Already Has Dental Fears and Phobias?
If your child is already scared of seeing the dentist, then don’t worry because we can help them to gradually overcome these fears, treating them very gently so that every visit to West Bowmanville Family Dental positively reinforces the idea that dental care isn’t scary. Children that need treatment and who feel very anxious may benefit from sedation dentistry. One very safe form of dental sedation is to use laughing gas or Nitrous oxide to help a nervous child to comfortably relax. Alternatively, if more extensive treatment is needed to restore dental health then we can discuss using a deeper form of sedation that may be given orally or intravenously.

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