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Why Protect Your Smile with a Dental Mouthguard?

If you or another family member love to play sports or take part in any activities where you could take a blow to the mouth, then you should consider getting a dental mouthguard. High-risk sports include football, hockey, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, skiing and snowboarding, and skateboarding. Injuries can occur if there is any risk of taking a fall or encountering a hard surface. Every year, Bowmanville dentists see far too many injuries sustained while playing sports. These injuries can chip or crack teeth or in the worst cases can knock them out entirely. Tooth injury or loss is very upsetting and can mean a lifetime of restorative dental care. The potential costs for treating missing or damaged teeth over the course of a lifetime can reach thousands of dollars. It is far more cost-effective and considerably less traumatic to get a well-fitting mouthguard.

Why Choose a Custom-Made Mouthguard?
Not all mouthguards will provide a decent level of protection, especially stock or over-the-counter mouthguards. Although cheap to purchase this can be a false economy because often they are so uncomfortable to use or will frequently fall out that users fail to wear them. Additionally, these types of mouthguards offer only minimal protection, tend to hinder breathing and speech and are less durable than a properly fitted custom-made mouthguard.

Benefits of Choosing a Custom-Made Mouthguard
When you choose a custom-made mouthguard in Newcastle, then it is fabricated to meet your exact needs, taking into account your preferred sporting activities. It can be constructed so that it is thicker in critical areas, providing the best possible protection for your teeth or your child’s teeth. Above all, it should be comfortable to wear so you will want to use it. Custom-made mouthguards are made from strong, durable materials that have a neutral taste and which are odour-free.

What Is the Procedure for Having a Custom-Made Mouthguard?
The procedure for having a custom-made mouthguard is very straightforward. Our dentist in Clarington will take an accurate impression of your mouth which is used to create a model of your teeth. Next, the mouthguard is fabricated by our dental laboratory to our exact prescription and design. Once ready, our dentist will check it fits correctly, and it is ready to use.

Looking After Your Mouthguard
Looking after your mouthguard is easy as you only need to make sure you wash it thoroughly after each use, so it remains fresh and hygienic. Store it in the container provided and make sure you keep it away from direct heat which could otherwise distort it. Bring it with you to your dental checkups in Courtice, so that we can make sure it is still providing an optimal level of protection and to ensure it doesn’t have any rips or tears which could affect its efficacy.

When properly cared for, dental mouthguards should last for quite some time, but a child’s mouthguard might need to be replaced at regular intervals. As your child’s teeth and jaws grow and develop, then their mouthguard is unlikely to fit as well is it did initially.

Dental mouthguards are a cost-effective way to protect teeth, and we’d far rather prevent injuries than have to treat them. To discover more, contact us to arrange a consultation with West Bowmanville Family Dental.

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