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What are Dental Crowns and When Would I Need One?

Dental crowns are made to fit over the entire tooth, right down to the gum line, so none of the original tooth is visible. Sometimes dental crowns are called caps because of the way they cap or cover a tooth. We might suggest you have a dental crown in Clarington when a tooth is severely decayed or broken or after root canal therapy. Dental crowns are also useful for covering up teeth that are chipped or discoloured, as treatment can form part of a smile makeover. Treatment is beneficial because a dental crown completely protects the tooth underneath, restoring its original shape and appearance, and its strength. Once a tooth has been crowned you will be able to eat comfortably, and your crown should look beautiful, so that you can smile confidently.

Will My Crown Look Natural?
Traditionally, crowns were made with a metal substructure which was covered up with tooth coloured porcelain to create a reasonably natural appearance (PFMs). You might also have seen people who have gold crowns covering up their back teeth. Gold is a material that is extremely kind to the opposing teeth and was often a good choice when space was limited. However, these days, although we can still use traditional PFMs and gold crowns, we are far more likely to suggest you have an all-ceramic crown in Courtice.

Why Choose an All-Ceramic Crown?
Nowadays there is a considerable choice of all-ceramic materials which can be used to fabricate a beautiful and durable crown. These materials are specifically designed to replicate the natural colours and translucency you find in a real tooth. Because they are all-ceramic and do not contain any metal, the light transmits through these crowns in a way that is very similar to a real tooth. An all-ceramic crown makes an excellent choice where aesthetics is a real concern, for example when restoring a front tooth, but they look equally great when protecting back teeth, seamlessly restoring your smile. All-ceramic crowns will appeal to people who do not like the idea of having any metal in their mouth.

These crowns can be made in different ways and use different materials. Some are made from zirconia which is an incredibly strong ceramic and are even suitable for people who clench and grind their teeth. Otherwise, they are made from a different type of ceramic which has a strength comparable with traditional PFMs, but which is much more aesthetically pleasing.

All Our Crowns Are Made Using Digital Impressions
No matter which crown you select, it will be made using a digital dental impression. Thankfully, at West Bowmanville Family Dental, the days of uncomfortable tray impressions are firmly in the past. If you have bad memories of having to sit in the dental chair while trying not to gag on a tray filled with messy impression material, then you’ll be pleased to know that we use an advanced 3-D oral scanner. It’s a piece of technology that is quick and comfortable to use, taking a digital scan of your prepared tooth that is emailed to the dental lab. The impression it produces is incredibly accurate so that your new crown is precision-made, so you can enjoy a restoration that has a superior fit, and of course, it’ll look fantastic.

If you do need a crown, then you can rest assured that our dentist in Newcastle will provide you with the very best and most advanced restoration to protect and restore your smile.

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