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Metal-Free Dentistry for a Beautiful Smile

Metal has been used in dentistry for decades, for crowns, bridges and dental fillings. However, an increasing number of people prefer no metal in their mouth, and metal-free dentistry is an excellent solution. Nowadays, it is possible to restore and replace teeth without using any metals, and West Bowmanville Dental can even provide metal-free dental implants if needed.

What are the Potential Advantages of Metal-Free Dentistry?
Metal-free dentistry can be extremely useful for anyone with metal allergies or sensitivities to the alloys commonly used in dentistry. The metal-free materials used to restore and replace teeth are highly biocompatible, which means they are easily tolerated by your natural tissues, including your gum and jawbone. Then, of course, there are the aesthetic benefits of metal-free dentistry because modern restorations can look great! These newer materials can replace amalgam fillings and are used to fabricate crowns and bridges. Ceramic dental implants are an alternative to titanium alloy dental implants.

Amalgam-Free Fillings
Amalgam is a silver coloured material consisting of several different metals and which has been used for many years to fill decayed teeth. Although very durable, amalgam is highly visible and can discolour. Tooth coloured composite resin is a far more biocompatible material that closely mimics the structure and appearance of a real tooth. If you do require a filling or have amalgams that you’d like to replace, then talk to our dentist in Newcastle. We can safely remove amalgam fillings and replace them with new and highly aesthetic tooth coloured resin.

Metal-Free Crowns & Bridges, and Dental Implants
Traditionally crowns have been made from a gold alloy that is highly polished or will have a metal alloy substructure that is covered up with porcelain. These restorations are still very widely used because they are durable and reliable and produce reasonably aesthetic results. Gold crowns were often the treatment of choice when restoring badly decayed back teeth and where teeth come under considerable pressure due to chewing forces. Although still an option, it is equally possible to have metal-free crowns made entirely from strong ceramics and which look just like your natural teeth. We can even create crowns suitable for people who clench and grind their teeth, made from a strong ceramic material called zirconia.

All-ceramic crowns are an excellent option when restoring front teeth because they can provide the most natural looking results due to the way light passes through the crown. With an ordinary crown that has a metal substructure covered up with porcelain, the light cannot pass all the way through because of the metal so although the results look good, it’s difficult to make them appear as natural and translucent as a real tooth. With a ceramic crown, the light passes through the crown in a way that is very similar to a real tooth, creating a restoration that is incredibly lifelike. What’s even better is that you may be able to receive your all-ceramic crown on the same day. Our dentist in Clarington can often use our in-office milling machine to create a beautiful, strong ceramic crown while you wait.

If you need a bridge, then instead of having a metal substructure we can make it entirely from zirconia. It’s even possible to create very large bridges restoring a complete arch of 12 teeth without the need for any metal. Ceramic dental implants are also made from zirconia and are a holistic option for restoring missing teeth in Courtice.

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