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Mending Chipped or Broken Teeth

It is all too easy to chip or crack a tooth, and it is a situation that can be pretty upsetting, or even uncomfortable or painful, but don’t worry because West Bowmanville Dental is here to help! Our experienced dentists can soon assess broken teeth, before suggesting the most appropriate and advanced treatment. Afterwards, you can look forward to having a tooth that is strong, durable, comfortable and which will look fantastic.

Why It’s Important to Mend Any Damaged Teeth
Your teeth have a thin, hard outer shell made from enamel and which is the hardest substance in the human body. Tooth enamel protects the inner part of your tooth.

Directly underneath your tooth enamel is a structure called dentin and which is much softer and more easily damaged. Right in the middle of your tooth is the pulp chamber, an area that contains the tooth nerve, connective tissues and blood vessels. Without the complete protection of tooth enamel, bacteria in your mouth can get into the tooth quite easily, even through a tiny crack, and will cause decay and infection.

Initially, when bacteria get inside a tooth, you might notice the tooth feels a bit more sensitive to hot and cold or sweet and sour foods. If the infection reaches the centre of your tooth, then you’ll soon know about it because an infected tooth pulp can be extremely painful, requiring root canal treatment to eliminate the infection and to save the tooth.

It’s far simpler, quicker and more cost-effective for our dentist in Newcastle to mend a damaged tooth. Restoring the tooth will preserve and protect it so that hopefully you will have the tooth for many years to come, if not for life. We strongly recommend that you see a dentist as soon as possible after damaging a tooth to prevent any infection and discomfort, and of course, your smile will look a whole lot better afterwards.

How Are Chipped and Cracked Teeth Mended?
The treatment recommended by our dentist in Clarington will depend on the damage to the tooth. Small chips and cracks can often be mended by bonding the tooth. Dental bonding is usually a quick process that can be carried out in a single appointment. To bond a tooth, we use composite resin which is a special type of tooth coloured plastic used to fill cavities in teeth. We keep a range of different colours of composite resin in our dental office, so your bonded tooth will exactly match the rest of your natural teeth.

Another way we can mend a tooth is by placing a dental veneer, which is a very thin porcelain shell that can be ideal for repairing minor damage to a tooth. Porcelain veneers are hard-wearing and durable, and they can look amazing. When a tooth is more severely damaged and broken, a dental crown in Courtice may be the best treatment choice because it will cover up the entire tooth, providing the maximum amount of protection. It’s a good option when a substantial part of the tooth is missing and where dental bonding or a porcelain veneer wouldn’t be sufficiently robust.

When you come to see us, we will suggest the most suitable treatment that we feel will give the best and most durable results. Don’t forget, if you have a broken and painful tooth and need emergency dental care in Bowmanville, then we have a dentist on call who will quickly help you feel more comfortable.

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