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5 Reasons Why You Need Dental Implants

5 Reasons Why You Need Dental Implants

Your perfect smile is your best accessory. However, even when you do your best to take care of it, disease and age may always take your smile from you. Missing your teeth can affect your overall dental health and your self-confidence. This can also interfere with your regular activities like talking and chewing.

For you to regain confidence and maintain oral health, you can consider the dental implants offered by dental experts like Durham Implant Solutions in Brooklin. Dental implants can be a solution to your problem. These are artificial teeth roots that will be artificially implanted in your jaw to hold bridges or replacement tooth.

If you have not decided yet if you would consider dental implants, here are 5 reasons why you need dental implants:

  • Severely chipped tooth or missing teeth

When the ordinary process of restoring your broken tooth does not work, it is recommended o have dental implants. This procedure can ensure comfort, security, and aesthetic appeal. If you already have a severely chipped or missing teeth, it can truly help.

Dental implants are made of titanium and ceramic materials that are very similar to natural teeth. They can promise durability and will allow you to talk, laugh, and eat without worrying that they may loosen or crack.

  • Ill-fitting dentures

Do you have ill-fitting dentures? Well, you do not have to suffer from this problem anymore. Dental implants have permanent affixation in the oral cavity. You can assure that they will not fall out while you are laughing or eating, unlike dentures. You can floss and brush them like your natural teeth. They also do not need frequent replacements.

  • Bone loss in the jaw area

Jawbone deterioration causes sunken-in appearance. This lessens your confidence even more. According to our family dentists in Brooklin, dental implants can promote osseointegration, which is the process that allows the implant roots to stimulate the growth of the jawbone, ensuring lower chances of bone loss.

  • Difficulties when eating

Missing some of your teeth places uneven pressure on your remaining teeth especially when your are chewing. It can also expose the root surfaces with nerve-endings. This causes higher sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages. You may also have uneven face shape and smile.

  • Infected tooth that causes severe pain

Dental specialists may resort to extraction for cases of a severely infected tooth. If you want to prevent this problem caused by missing your teeth before it gets worse, you should consider a dental implant procedure from a reliable implant provider in Brooklin. Dental implants do not rely on other teeth so rest assured that your other teeth will not be at risk.

Visit a Brooklin dentist today and consult your concerns. If you are looking for experts in Brooklin who can look into your signs and determine if you really need dental implants, Durham Implant Solutions can definitely help you with that. You can CALL West Bowmanville Family Dental at 905-697-1118 today.

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